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ATO collecting more and more and more data

Any digital footprint that you leave or whenever you submit your TFN to any organisation, the ATO can find and use this information. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Bank Accounts, Stockbroking accounts – here and overseas….. data is available. For individual tax returns for 30 June 2019 and beyond, the ATO are […]

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When is cash not legal tender?

Do you have $100 note in your wallet? There are around 350 million $100 notes (affectionally called “Kermits”) in circulation, so each of us should have 14! If you answered no, then where is your share. If you answered yes, “Have you been to the Casino?” or am I suspecting […]

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Buying a car? Company or private? Watch out for FBT!

I’m going to purchase a car in my company name to get back the GST. Sounds like a good idea, but beware of the FBT consequences. You know there will be some private use on that car, so it is good to consider this up front, before the FBT bill […]

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Tax can be like a maze

But like any challenges, knowing the right way to navigate can save your most precious resource – your time.  So use us at Perigee to do the trickier tax issues for you.

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