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We respect trusted advisers existing relationships with clients. We want to work with trusted advisers to provide the best valued added service on the more complex tax issues that come around on an ad hoc basis. Be assured, that you will be kept in the loop on any of your client dealings with us.


We respect the existing relationship that small business has with registered BAS Agents / Bookkeepers.  Being a Certified Xero partner, we feel we belong to your tribe. We are always delighted to consult with you on trickier GST concerns that may arise on an ad hoc basis to provide their clients with the right support.  We can provide all the additional services that a registered tax agents can provide to your clients.

Tax Lawyers

Do you need an experienced practitioner to undertake your routine compliance work for your clients?

We can assist with the implementation of your advice and you can be assured that your clients are in safe hands.

Family Lawyers

Does your client use the same accountant as their spouse? Is there splitting up of superannuation, main residence and other assets? Is there a family trust involved or off-shore assets? We have witnessed many family court decisions that have major tax implications, that have flipped a good outcome into a not so good one, or an administrative minefield.

We are happy to have preliminary discussions with you to discuss the watch outs in this situation.

Financial Planners

With interest rates at an all time low, many of you may be suggesting more complex financial arrangements for the more adventurous investors.

For example, the tax treatment of indexed linked bonds may not be straight forward.  Does it matter to your clients investment strategy whether the returns are on capital or revenue account?

So with returns very low, small tax wins may make all the difference on the investment strategy is chosen.

We are happy to help you help your clients.