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Can I claim a deduction for gifts and donations if I don’t have a receipt?

We are getting towards the business end of the financial year, so it is time to start thinking about maximising those deductions.

For gifts and donation tax deductions, you must make them to “deductible gift recipients” organisations (you can check here).

You also cannot receive anything in return – like stickers or a pen. This includes services. If you enter a team in the Oxfam Trailwalker, the registration fees are not tax deductible as these fees go to the successful and safe running of the event. However, anyone that sponsors you can claim a tax deduction.

So what happens if you get stopped by the SES volunteers at the traffic lights and drop in your spare change? Or during Easter for the Royal Children’s Hospital appeal? There are no written receipts on offer to support that quick donation out of your car window.

The rules are that providing the amount is less than $10, you are permitted to make your own record of the amount you have donated. In fact, you can donate up to a total of $200 in this manner without requiring a written receipt from the charity. Your own list on a notepad will suffice.

With more and more “tap and go” happening, you may have donated more than $10 through your credit or debt card to a charity without a receipt. You are permitted to use your bank statement as written evidence proving it states:

  • the date you made the payment;
  • a description in the format of GIFTDGR 12345678 (being the ABN of the DGR); and
  • the amount that you paid.

So start keeping a list of all those “bucket funds” you supported through the year to claim that tax deduction after 30 June.