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We will curate the services to match what you need and require.

If you need a one-stop shop for your financial business compliance we can offer all these services.

However, if you have existing trusted advisers, we respect your existing trusted relationship and seemlessly can work with your existing bookkeepers to provide a value added service.

Tax is complicated .  We can look after it all so you can concentrate on your business. Or we break it down into what you need to know. Think of us as part of your business.

1.  Comply with tax and company law

Our main service is income tax compliance service.  This occurs annually and we will make sure you know the right amount of tax to pay and when you need to pay it.

For taxpayers operating as a business this includes a health check of related taxes such as Payroll tax, Land tax, GST and FBT.

2.   Health Checks

Just like you review many aspects of your business, you should also review your taxes. Not only for law changes, but also changes to your business. We understand that you are agile and nimble and make decision on the fly, which is a great outcome for your business.  But it could cause a little tax hiccup that needs to be addressed and the earlier it is identified the better.

It is always a good idea to look at your obligations under:

  • Payroll Tax;
  • GST; and
  • FBT.

The ATO and State Revenue authorities have recently increased their scrutiny of tax obligations with the access to data matching. Reviews and audits are on the rise.

Ask us to do a health check for you, most take as little as an hour.

3.  Tax planning

This is the MOST important activity any taxpayer can do.  This needs to be done well before 30 June, as after that time it is too late.  Data matching means that EVERYTHING can now be collected and matched.  Think about everything your smart phone knows about you, well so does the government. You need to manage your data and prepare it before it is be used.

Ask yourself some questions.  Think about your long-term plans for yourself, family or business.  When do you want to retire?  When do you want to sell your business?  When do your dependents turn 18?  Many life events impact the taxes you pay.

Planning is the key.  Let us assist you to prepare better.

4.  Specialist tax advice

Are you operating in the right structure?

The more tax you pay the more money you earn. Great. But getting your business structure right or tapping into incentives that are available to you can limit the damage to your cash flow but paying the wrong amount of tax at the wrong time.

Are your taxes not black and white?

Tax rules are not black and white.  Maybe your activities result in a number of different options on the tax treatment so you are in a grey zone.  You have options to provide you and the ATO with some comfort on the option that you have taken. You could ask the ATO up front with a private binding ruling request or you can prepare some documentation to support your case just in case the ATO comes knocking at your door.

We can assist with the preparation of these applications and documents.

Have you received a “request” from the ATO or State Revenue body?

Have you received a “please explain” letter? These requests can lead to a review or audit.  If they do, it can be costly in time, additional tax and compounding interest and penalties.

We recommend discussing your options with us to make sure you know what you are required to do in these matters.

We are not licensed to provide financial advice. We can provide recommendation to financial planners to provide this type of advice.