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Start-up businesses are inspired by that genius idea……. then incubated,  transforming into this thriving and invaluable asset. These ideas are more than just a patents or trademarks.  This hi-tech ecosystem includes precious assets such as code, company secrets, domains, content, brand, design, know how and confidential information.  Some can be legally protected, others need to be kept off the grid.  Away from any viral sharing.

Did you know that in 1975 these types of assets were only 17% of a businesses value, now it has grown to more than 87%?

Your idea needs to be feed to flourish and there are plenty of wells to tap into provide you have the right GPS.

If your business does some sort of experimenting to develop know how, then incentives, grants, and credits can be available to transform your business.  Some of these can help cash flow where others can be actual real cash!

We want to help you grow your business and it could become the next Australian Unicorn.

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